Saturday, December 5, 2009

Susan Young's book about Tontitown, "So Big, This Little Place," is wonderful, but people who heard her lecture on the history it was based on were impressed most by Susan's presentation: See comments below

I thought I knew Susan, whose friendship I have cherished for many years. But I was one of those with teary eyes when I heard her speak from her heart about the people she loves -- her "families" of friends. It was a first for me, and now I'm a little jealous, because it was easy to see that everybody in that audience also loves her. She was brimful of her passion for history and the people of Tontiown -- downright stunning as she turned her presentation into a conversation. I felt like we were all turning the pages of a family album as she brought us deep into her story about Tontitown, which is really a story about all of us Please find a way to read her book and thank her for reminding us of who we are. And ask her to write and share some more.

Proud admirer of "our" Susan,


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